Windows XP: Access violation when clicking 'Enter Key'

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Windows XP: Access violation when clicking 'Enter Key'

Postby Sergej » Mon May 08, 2006 11:51 pm

Another thing showed up while testing the screensaver installation package:

- I created a screensaver with 1 day limit, installed it
- When the trial expired a day later (I set the date), I tried
- Open display properties
- Select the screensaver
- Click 'Preview'
- Message pops up telling me to register the screensaver
- I click 'Enter Key'
- Windows throws an Access Violation Error at me.

Note that this ONLY happens when clicking the 'Enter Key' button via the registration box that pops up when in preview mode. If you click 'Settings' first, and then 'Enter Key' , the Access Violation error does not occur.
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Windows XP: Access violation when clicking 'Enter Key'

Postby chickenbone » Fri Aug 04, 2006 11:38 pm

I've seen access violations when clicking the "Enter Key" too, as have my customers. But what I think was happening in my cases were that my users have the trial version screensaver installed, then they buy the "full version" with the reg key info. They do not uninstall the trial version, but install the full version over the top of the trial version.

As we know, there is no difference between the two installers. So, at the end of the "full version" installation when you have an opportunity to enter your key information, the system gets confused about where to enter the reg key info and throws a Windows access violation error.

I tell you, this is scary to an end-user. And even though I've told my users that the trial version is the exact same program as the full version and that they do not need to install that exe that they get access to when purchasing the reg key, they still attempt to install over the top of the existing screensaver files. Arg.

I wish the installer would check to see if the software is already installed and pop up a message telling the user it is already installed and to either: 1) uninstall the trial software before attempting to reinstall, or 2) point them to the reg key input screen to input there key without trying to install a second copy of the application over the top of the existing screensaver.
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Postby Karlis » Sun Aug 20, 2006 3:46 pm


Thanks, Sergej for detailed steps to reproduce the problem. Some customers have reported this, but they never managed to point out that this only happens when you click Preview in Display Properties.

This has been added to the schedule for the next update.
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